Texas Furry Fiesta Opens Dealer Application, CanFURence Reaches 80% of Attendence

CanFURence Announcement

We’ve hit the 80% mark (400 furs and counting!) for our reg cap with just over a week left to pre-reg!

If you’re “Torn”, pre-reg closes on the 18th!
Sorry, Squynx’s pre con playlist is stuck in our heads…Anyway, heres “Wonderwall”..err the reg link: LINK

Texas Furry Fiesta Opens Room Block, AnthroExpo Announces Charity

Its that time folks! Pre-Registration and the Hotel Block are now OPEN

🌟 We’re honored to announce Sisu Youth Services as our 2022 Charity Partner! 🌟

Your donations at AnEx 2022 will help Sisu provide overnight shelter, hot meals, clothing and other vital resources to OKC’s youth experiencing homelessness.

Sisu Youth is proud to be a low-barrier, LGBTQ+ affirming safe space, and we couldn’t be more excited to support them at our next convention.

For more info

Fur Con News: Furry Invasion, Texas Furry Fiesta

For a furry, one of the greatest perks ever!!!!

We are finally free…after TEN long years… Now we have a new threat on our paws… PLUSHIES! Find yourself a friend at the end of the world! Mega and Super sponsor reg are still available! Both come with a GoH Dinner! Mega gets 1 of each plush, Super gets 1 random.

Texas Furry Fiesta 2022 – Hotel Reveal