Words of Wisdom From The Dalai Lama

Material development and physical comfort alone don’t relieve unhappiness, but if you’re relaxed and have peace of mind, whatever goes on around you won’t upset you. It isn’t the sophistication of the devices we own that brings us peace of mind, it’s love and compassion.

Confuzzled (UK) Opens Registration

So what do you get if I register early?

Standard Ticket

All attendees will receive the following:

  • Con Book
  • Mini Guide
  • Window Cling Sticker
  • Ear Plugs
  • Lanyard

Standard Ticket Plus

Our plus ticket includes everything from the standard ticket, plus:

  • T-Shirt
  • Keyring


If you choose to sponsor, you’ll receive everything from the standard and plus ticket, plus:

  • Take Out Cup
  • Seed Balls
  • Pin Badge
  • Mousepad
  • Fabric Patch
  • Lunchbox Set
  • Acrylic Charm
  • Sweets!

Super Sponsor

Super Sponsors help increase the funds available to us to take the convention to new heights, and we want to say thank you by bringing you the very best gifts!
As a Super Sponsor you will receive everything from the standard, plus and sponsor tickets, plus:

  • Hardback Con Book
  • Highball Glass
  • Acrylic Standee
  • Embroidered Hand Towel
  • Embroidered Rucksack

For those outside of the UK a rucksack is a backpack

The 4th Annual Good Furry Award – Nominations are Now Open

…and with that they are open to recognize furries for doing good. Now is your chance if you feel someone even if they were previously nominated deserves a 2nd chance. Now is your time!!!

Furries sometimes get a bad rep, but it is important we talk about those who are helping change attitudes