FurDU Seeks Con Book Submissions

Its that time again! Con Book Submissions – If you would like to have the chance of getting your artwork and stories into our convention book. Now would be the time to get those rolling in! Our pages are 4530 high x 3331 wide at 300dpi. Anything that size and under would be acceptable. Full colour background or transparent background are ok. PNG is the preferred file format.
Generic characters are preferred over personal fursonas or characters (Be sure to make it clear if it is generic or personal). We also want to see new original art, not previously submitted works. Themed is always a plus and be sure to include your name, artist name and Website link, a QRcode would be great

Deadline is March 1st 2022

Post submissions to their Telegram

Fur Con News: Fur-Eh! Vaccination Requirement, FurDu Sold Out

I guess the most shocking news was this FurDu has already sold out and they did this in less than an hour. How this happened? Unfortunity since the COVID situation is continuing they have to set limits on attendance. Currently somewhere around 550.

Fur Con News FurDu Regs Opens, Indy Fur Con numbers

FurDu (Australia) Registration Now Open and Dealer applications are now being accepted

DEALERS 2022 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! All the info can be found in the form below (no this is not the special announcement stay tuned)


Registration Opens


Indy Fur Con numbers

Fur Con News: FurDu Charity Numbers, Infurnity (Taiwan) Postponed

Total raised for charity during FurDU 2021 was $5,570!

This was split equally between our two charities for this year, Fresh Start Rescue and The NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades Donations Fund.

Such an amazing amount raised considering that we were short so many attendees this year.

Infurnity Announces

Hello everyone! With the numbers of COVID-19 cases on the rise again, the Infurnity team is closely following the latest developments in Taiwan. In accordance with the adjusted epidemic prevention measurements, we have the following announcements:

  1. The previously planned registration date for Infurnity 2021 has been postponed due to the pandemic prevention policy.
    The new date will be announced in the near future. Thank you for your consideration!
  2. Already last year, an agreement was reached with the hotel to actively support and cooperate with any governmental health order.
    In case of future changes in regulations, affecting registration or reservation, we will announce relevant information as soon as possible.

We wish everyone the best – stay safe, healthy and make sure to keep following the prevention policies!

FURDU 2021 Con Book Cover

The artwork is absolutely brilliant and a full poster of this was sold at the con at auction to raise money for that year’s charity.

Fur Con News: FurDu Open Today

Under these restrictions FurDu opens

As you know with Covid, most cons didn’t run last year, and a lot are not running this year. As of typing, this FurDU is going ahead with a few important changes.

We ask that you read this announcement in full so that you know what is going on:

  • NO REGOS WILL BE SOLD FOR THIS YEAR! Do not turn up hoping to buy one at the door.
  • Right now, our hotel Mantra on View is allowed to have 500 people in total in con space, that’s 250 people per floor. We will be counting people in and out, so that this limit is observed, by the time May arrives this may change, hopefully for the better.
  • People will be temperature checked and you will be asked to sign in via a QR code as per current laws, if you refuse to do so you will not be allowed in con space.
  • We will be asking attendees to wear a mask in the Dealers Den, since keeping social distance will be a bit harder in there and we will also be limiting the number allowed in at a time.
  • Adler & Magicdawolfy will unfortunately be not able to attend, but we will have them here eventually, when it is safe to do so.
  • We do have other people in mind as our GoH so stay tuned for that!
  • Head dryers will not be set up this year in the headless lounge, it will be almost impossible to keep them sanitized, we’ll still have the fans and water available.
  • Email us at furrydownunder@gmail.com for all refunds, rollovers, and requests.

So unless your already registered you might as well stay home

But that is a good thing for you FurDu will be on Twitch TV.


So no matter where you live you will be able to enjoy this con.

Fur Con News: Megaplex, FurDu

Megaplex News

Good News Everyone! Panel and DJ submissions will be opening for Megaplex 2021 on Monday, May 3rd, at Noon! Head to https://megaplexcon.org/fun/events/ for more information!

Listen Up!!
Megaplex 2021 registration is now officially OPEN!
Make sure you pre register online as there is no onsite registration this year!

FurDu to Use QR codes

COVID 2021: In order to ensure our attendees safety at all times we will be sending you a text when your badge is ready to be picked up! These Qr codes will be in the lobby on Thursday 6th so that you are able to scan them on arrival!

First used by MFF in 2019 it greatly sped up registration

COVID-19 Fur Con Report

Despite what some have said according to the official press release FWA only confirms their postponement.

It’s official FURDU which takes place in Surfer’s Paradise, Australia has cancelled their 2020 convention.

Lastly Furnexion of Monterrey, Mexico has officially postponed their 2020 convention