Confuzzled 2022 Update

Confuzzled 2022 ended May 29th but as what has happened with a few cons, they have been slow to release numbers. Speaking of which I know the Bumblebee Conservation Trust must bee happy.

Instead of posting videos on YouTube Confuzzled set up their own site

So if your wondering what a UK based fur con is like you still have a chance.

As for next year they already posted their new banner

The Faces of Confuzzled 2022

It seems photographer @PicsDaGoat has assembled the faces of 169 fursuiters to make a poster which you can download HERE for free.

Confuzzled 2022 Unique Signage

Confuzzled 2022 has been and gone, as far as I know everyone had a great time even the staff. But something appeared on social media that I like to share.

I know this brought lots of laughs

Confuzzled Icons

By now most of are familiar with the accessible attendee communications badges MFF used for it’s 2021 gathering. Confuzzled has taken this idea to the next level.

We’ve designed a huge set of totally custom and furry-con-themed icons for clear and accessible attendee communications during our convention. We hope you enjoy seeing them around in May!

Some of these I like to get my paws on.

Confuzzled & Flickr Takedowns

This one is REAL

We all have been through HELL with this COVID situation. But this is just 1 example of the multiple cases of Bullying I have been hearing about. For the record Cons want you to share images and videos but this… is beyond reason

Confuzzled (UK) Opens Registration

So what do you get if I register early?

Standard Ticket

All attendees will receive the following:

  • Con Book
  • Mini Guide
  • Window Cling Sticker
  • Ear Plugs
  • Lanyard

Standard Ticket Plus

Our plus ticket includes everything from the standard ticket, plus:

  • T-Shirt
  • Keyring


If you choose to sponsor, you’ll receive everything from the standard and plus ticket, plus:

  • Take Out Cup
  • Seed Balls
  • Pin Badge
  • Mousepad
  • Fabric Patch
  • Lunchbox Set
  • Acrylic Charm
  • Sweets!

Super Sponsor

Super Sponsors help increase the funds available to us to take the convention to new heights, and we want to say thank you by bringing you the very best gifts!
As a Super Sponsor you will receive everything from the standard, plus and sponsor tickets, plus:

  • Hardback Con Book
  • Highball Glass
  • Acrylic Standee
  • Embroidered Hand Towel
  • Embroidered Rucksack

For those outside of the UK a rucksack is a backpack

Confuzzled (UK) Registration Now Open

Now we look at Confuzzled

If I didn’t post an image from there site I swear no one would believe me. Yes you can register, but sponsor swag you’ll find out later LINK

Confuzzled and Furcation (UK) Announces Charity

Confuzzled (UK) recently posted

We are pleased to announce that our charity for 2022 will be The Bumblebee Conservation Trust – @BumblebeeTrust please show them some love! We are looking forward to welcoming them to the convention!

Save the bees!!!

Furcation (UK) recently announced

Want to donate to our charity of the year (National Search and Rescue Dogs Association) it’s easy! Just head to and send monies straight to them. Add them gift aid option to make sure the good folk at HMRC top up your donation!

Nordic Fuzz Con Names Guest of Honor, Confuzzled Delays Registration

From Confuzzled on Telegram

Hello everyone,

So we know you are all probably wondering when ConFuzzled is going to open for Registration. We wanted to take a brief moment to assure you we are working away behind the scenes here getting ready to open.

There is however going to be a little bit more delay before we are ready to open for the following reasons:

+The Hilton are adding the final finishing touches to a major overhaul and refurbishment of the hotel.
+They have updated the bedrooms and refurbished the event spaces and the new hotel spaces are looking brilliant.
+We are making changes based on feedback received relating to the way our lottery system handles attendees with accessibility requirements. We want to ensure the system is fair and fit for purpose before we go live.
+To make sure we can open registration with the correct numbers of bedrooms, and offer them to our attendees in an equitable fashion, we have had to put a short delay on opening whilst we await final bedroom numbers from the Hilton.

We are hoping therefore to open toward the end of November.

We can’t give you the exact date just yet but after two years without ConFuzzled we want to make sure your registration experience on opening night is as smooth as we can make it.

Fur Con News: Confuzzled,

ConFuzzled (England) is hiring for a new Design & Theming Administrator!

Want to skip right to the application form? Fill out the form here, and don’t forget to enter the job you are applying for in the form: LINK

As the administrator for the Design and Theming departments your main responsibility will be managing inter departmental communications for both departments, keeping track of key deadlines for the departments, overseeing department budgets, and working with heads of Department.

In this role, your key responsibilities will be:

  • Managing departmental calendars to ensure that upcoming deadlines are met.
  • Keeping track of departmental budgets.
  • Organising departmental and interdepartmental meetings.
  • Tracking departmental communications and ensuring smooth communication between Design, Theming, and other departments.
  • Assisting the two heads of departments in achieving their strategic goals for the convention.

This role calls for a highly organised individual with good communications and some managerial skills. You would be jointly responsible, with the heads of department, of delivering theming materials and design outputs to the convention on time and to budget.

FurMIT (Taiwan) Postponed to 2022

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