The House – Netflix Review

The House is an animated film that it is said to be both a “Mind Bender”, and a “Thriller”. In my opinion it’s both and then some. First I should explain The House is divided in to 3 segments #1 features humans in a horror/ thriller involving a crazed builder and a mad man as well as a family. This is without a doubt the creepiest thing I ever seen, and all you want to see is the kids getting out alive.

The #2 features a anthro mouse who happens to be a house flipper. The only thing I can say it plays on people’s fear of bugs. Which it is better than any other horror film period. I swear you will be left checking your own place for bugs.

The final segment #3 features anthro cats, and to me was a thankful break. The setting is the same home, a woman who is fighting a massive flood. Tenants who aren’t paying rent, but are her good friends… and a no joke Zen Carpenter and the way the film ends. You can see I am not giving any spoilers here… will make you smile.

My overall score is a very solid 9 out of 10