Mary and The Witch’s Flower Spoiler Free Film Review

Like I told a friend Harry Potter it isn’t. Mary and The Witch’s Flower is an incredible film with so many twists and turns you know you have to watch it a second time to absorb everything.

The visuals are stunning, there are points you can’t even tell it’s an animated film. Story / Plot unique but very entertaining, all I can really say here is Mary and The Witch’s Flower is one of those films you really want to watch to the very end. Really you will not be able to figure out what happens next save for a few times. A film all ages will enjoy, and like I said quite unique. All I can say for the Harry Potter reference it’s similar at one point, but circumstances are far different. This is where it gets interesting more like will they or won’t they. See I set myself for a spoiler free review and I am already hinting at a major plot point.

All I really can say is this if you enjoy the trailer you will absolutely love the film.

My score 10/10

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