How much do you sweat in fursuit? Meet my fursuit maker! Southbank Furmeet – FAUX VLOG #1

Anime Midwest 2018 Afterthoughts

There are a few things I can add about my experience, and I thought about this before the survey that con, had sent to my email inbox this morning.


I felt as safe there as I did at MFF, really had zero issues. Everyone was friendly and I really had a great time.

Costumes both Cosplay and Fursuits

Frankly, I didn’t see that many costumes maybe 1% if that of the attendees were even wearing one. Literally, the most cosplay outfits I saw in 1 place was at Whose Lion is It Anyway?

and as you can see it was by the people running it.

I want to apologize to any other fursuiter who was there but I only saw 1 and here is proof.

I really don’t remember their name, but they were extremely understanding and posed for that photo.

Other than that you can look at my photos here