Veteran’s Day

Since I have been volunteering over at the local VA Hospital here in Chicago the more and more I take the side of the Vets vs. our own government. Some might ask, Aren’t both the same? I am sorry to say the answer is a solid NO, Vets as much as our elected leaders tell us differently get the worse of it. Don’t get me wrong if they are an inpatient at the VA hospital they get great care and all their meds are 100% covered. But what I am talking about is the stuff I clearly see. The quality of care is institutional at best, you know there is sometimes a 4-hour wait or longer just to see a doctor, and getting their meds can sometimes take hours. What every Vet has ever said to me that they should get the option to see a doctor in their neighborhood. I know Trump made a big deal out of this last year when he signed that Executive Order. But the reality of it is quite different, it only applies if you live 20 or more miles away from a VA hospital, and even then everything has to be approved by a VA doctor and yes this has cost lives. But yet no one will do anything, like the food at the hospital in the cafeteria. I will admit it’s about average for any hospital…meaning if it was replaced by a McDonalds it would be a step up in quality. Nearly everything on the menu is loaded with FAT, SALT, and SUGAR and we are talking about a place where most of the patients are on special diets. You know most of the staff there gets their food delivered.

Given all the budget cuts the VA has endured it is a fact the Volunteers are taking positions that the VA staff once occupied.

But that is not what caused me to write this piece.

World War 1 Memorial Service Trump doesn’t show up because it is raining. He was the only world leader who never came. Okay, Trump supporters back him up on that.