Amazon Delivers?

I know this time of year with the holidays rolling around and as Christmas nears we think of presents and in these times were the brick and mortar store is slowly becoming a thing of the past we generally get our orders from Amazon. I admit I am an Amazon Prime member but I have had my share of problems with Amazon, in fact, every other company has a better track record of deliveries than Amazon. Truthfully I never get about 10% of my orders, and they all have the same pattern. Amazon says on their site the package was delivered to the mail room. When in fact we don’t have a mail room, the packages can be usually found in my landlord’s office…if they are left somewhere else by an Amazon driver. Take the other day when my landlord found a package delivered by Amazon left on the sidewalk in front of my building. I was told that directly by my landlord.

But packages being left on sidewalks are fairly common in my area I generally see one left about every 2 weeks. Amazon says Packages are only left on the sidewalk because the receiver wants it left there. My own informal investigation says the opposite. In one case where a package was left outside the business. The store owner actually put a sign on their door directing the package be delivered to a nearby business that was open. But it was left on the sidewalk and as it turned out also stolen. We have Amazon Lockers nearby but good luck in getting a package sent there. They are always FULL, the same with every other Amazon Locker I checked.

Speaking of which I recently had an order from Amazon that if you guessed was stolen you would be right. Amazon said the package was delivered to the mail room, and all I got was a refund. I would not be so pissed off if it wasn’t a special gift for a good friend. I literally found the same thing for $1 less plus free shipping on eBay.

When roughly 10% of your orders never arrive, and all the while on Amazon it says they were delivered is it no wondered I picked up for the same price an item as Amazon at Target who was having a Black Friday sale. I went there because I wanted to make sure I got it.

Really that is one thing I am noticing more and more, people are getting fed up with Amazon. What this will mean only time will tell.