MFF Friday Nov 30, 2018 My Plans

Going to MFF today and like back at my very 1st back in 2013 I really don’t know what to expect. The main reason so much has been moved since the last con. There is one panel I want to see and I am not quite certain where Rosemont A is located, I think it’s next to the Con Suite but I’ll have to ask when I get there. Still, plan on taking a ton of photos and a couple of videos. I know some expect me to do interviews, but really I don’t come to MFF to work…I at least try and have fun. I am bringing my 3DS hope to do a little Spot Passing, don’t laugh at Anime Midwest my 3DS shook hands with 24 others. Hope to drop a lot of ads for my blog today, once these are gone I got a new design I really want to use for the next batch, and these will include my Twitter and Instagram accounts

MFF Opening Day

All reports take from MFF own Twitter feed

There were reports on Twitter that the down escalator was broken due to stupidy on the escalator

There were some reports that a few waited as long as 2 hours and 30 minutes to get their badge. So this announcement really isn’t surprising.