Lemonbrat alleges financial manager diverted more than $40,000 in funds

I was shocked when I saw this Lemonbrat which earned a rep for its 100% honestly to have this happen to them and not to mention their customers.

Original article

In their filing

Lemonbrat Inc. and Barbara Staples filed a complaint on Nov. 15 in Cook County Circuit Court against Corey Wood alleging breach of fiduciary duty and other counts.

According to the complaint, Wood has been employed by the plaintiffs since January 2013 as a financial manager and prepared payroll and the company’s books. The plaintiffs allege they discovered Wood established separate Square accounts for Lemonbrat and its predecessor that diverted credit card payments that belonging to the plaintiffs to Wood personally. The plaintiffs allege Wood diverted more than $40,000 to himself via his false Square account or accounts and has written more than $15,000 in bogus checks.

The plaintiffs seek preliminary and permanent injunction, request to allow plaintiffs to forensically examine Wood’s computers, and other relief. They are represented by Sheldon M. Lustig and John H. Wickert of Lustig & Wickert PC in Northbrook.

Cook County Circuit Court case number 18-CH-14309

Sit Stay Read Coverage of MFF $92,000 Donation

Sit Stay Read covered on their own site of their time at MFF and they said a lot of nice things

I don’t know if I will ever have words to describe SitStayRead’s experience this weekend at Midwest Fur Fest. The community at the Midwest Fur Fest were truly some of the kindest, most generous, giving and inclusive people I have met in my life. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity – both for SitStayRead and personally – to be part of the Midwest Fur Fest! The donations will touch SO many lives (both Human and Canine) – and will make a difference in the lives of those we serve!

— Mara O’Brien, Executive Director of SitStayRead

Enjoy their post here

MFF Memories: On A Personal Note

MFF turned out really terrific this year with Sit, Stay, Read getting $92,794 and that exciting Closing Ceremony best one I ever have seen. Not to forget the great panels and running into the Jib Kodi and his amazing panel. But with all the good things I saw one of the most surprising things were running into old friends. Who I would admit I would like to see more, but circumstances. Well anyway, one of the things we talked about was my old bowling meet. One told me that I left at the right time, they could see my meet had reached it peaked and they could see some weren’t happy for some reason and were planning on not coming back. This was before the meet was stolen, and the more we talked I knew they were right. But the most surprising was when they told me what happened to these thieves. Karma or whatever they certainly got there’s. So what exactly happened, you should know if you are not aware of them that there are 2 successful furry bowling meets in the area. One in Downers Grove and the other in Hoffman Estates. It turns out that nearly everyone who was involved in the conspiracy to steal my bowling meet is banned from one or both of them. For the simple reason of trying to steal that meet. Remember that Lilac who did that video bashing me? She is banned from Downers Grove and it has something to do with my old meet. Although I don’t know the exact details, it seems she won’t be allowed back until 2 things happen. Take that video down and post an apology to me. What a convention. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that they got themselves banned from the Boo at the Zoo event as several were asked never to come back. But that is not all, it seems those thieves did not come to MFF this year, neither did Lilac.