Did A Member of the Insane Clown Posse Goto MFF 2018?

Did Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse attend MFF 2018 as some reports have stated? The honest answer is….I don’t know. I know it looks as they did, but when you see reports coming from just 1 source and that same source has been accused of promoting a hoax in the past both on social media and YouTube. To me that source cannot be trusted, and when I was at MFF. I actually looked for them based upon the photos I saw online. For the record, I will not repost them, as I don’t want to be accused of promoting a hoax. Seriously even armed with a photo taken off the internet I could not find anyone who actually saw them, except for this 1 person who has been talking about this. I find it interesting that there isn’t a single photo of them taken at MFF. Really I invite you to look for yourself, I searched for 3 days and found none actually taken at MFF. In my opinion that the outside photo of Violent J in their fursuit wasn’t even taken in Rosemont, IL because the one standing nearby is dressed in a T-shirt. Let me tell you from someone who was actually there, IT WAS TOO FUCKIN’ COLD to wear a T-shirt. I wore a heavy coat, gloves and even a knit hat to MFF. Plus check the weather reports it didn’t even get out of the 30s F or single digits C, all during the con and it rained almost the full day on Saturday. There was snow on the ground Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and even parts on Sunday why aren’t they in that photo? Frankly, there are just too many questions to believe this report is real.

Unless I see a photo of them actually taken in Rosemont, IL as I know that town well. I will not believe that they were there.

Where will furries go after Tumblr?

Another article this one on The Outline talking about Tumblr’s ban on adult only content which starts Dec 17, 2018

The theme of the article is that the banning of this content it will drive furries away. But currently, Tumblr is the 7th largest social media platform, and really it’s hard to know what will happen.