Bedtime for Big Kittens By Horatio Husky

It was yet another evening at the “care home” that J Baby dwelled in. He was half finishing some homework and half watching a competition show on the tv. He twirled the pencil around in his small purple paw. He didn’t like science homework at all. All the figures and vocabulary got jumbled up in his head. It was his weakest subject, but he was trying hard to keep his grades up. He knew that failing anything would mean not getting to go on the big trip to the amusement park at the end of the year. Not to mention the spankings he’d have to endure. He jotted down some guesses and then zipped his notebook away in his backpack. “All done with homework.” He exclaimed to nobody in particular as he snuggled onto the couch, getting eaten almost by the large cushions.

After about an hour the young kitten started to yawn and nod off. He tried to be discreet about it and thought no one had noticed until he opened his eyes and popped his head up to see Dunkin kneeling in front of him. “Looks like it’s time for bedtime for a certain kitten.”

J Baby shook his head and rubbed his eyes with balled up fists. “No, I’m fine. I’m awake, it was just the homework that tired my eyes is all.”

Dunkin smirked but wasn’t buying it. “Uh huh. Come on, lets get you in a bath and then tucked into bed.”

The purple kitten blushed hard and looked down at the floor. “I said I’m fine! I don’t need to go to bed. Besides, there’s no school tomorrow.” J Baby swished his tail and started to walk into the hallway. It wasn’t necessarily that he wasn’t tired; actually he did think bed sounded like a good idea. But! It was the principle of the thing. He was a big kid! Well, he was right? Do big kids refer to themselves as big kids? He wondered to himself as he turned around the corner out of view of the others in the other room. “Not fair” pouted the big kitten, who to be honest wasn’t really, he was rather small for his age.

Now, understandably, J Baby was upset at being told to go to bed, as he was old enough to decide when he should go to bed (or at least that’s what kittens his age think) but he was a big kid here. He thought it wasn’t right that he should be told to go to bed by a caregiver when the younger little kids could hear it. He didn’t like that even though he was older he was still treated like a toddler. Well, maybe not completely.

While the usually very sweet purple tuxedo kitten was folding his arms and sat cross legged in the floor, Dunkin shook his head still in the den. “I’m going to go take care of J Baby. You guys know that it’s only another hour and a half for the rest of you right?” The others in the den all nodded breathlessly. When you know one kid is gonna get it, you answer in total agreement. Everyone knows that. Especially when the person asking is Dunkin. Not that Dunkin was super scary or threatening really. And Dunkin wasn’t abusive at all. He was very kind and helpful and gentle, well, for an orc.

Dunkin was actually J Baby’s favorite caretaker here and the only one that he felt understood him. Dunkin had a soft spot for the purple kitten too. Dunkin knew what it was like to feel you don’t fit in. He was accommodating and understanding. But, he was still in charge and knew what was best for his charges. And grown ups do not like being sassed, orcs especially. And J Baby knew what was coming before he felt the heavy footsteps get closer and closer to him.

“You ready for a little talk?” Dunkin’s voice was calm but still firm. J Baby sniffed little, trying to play it off as he looked up at Dunkin Who had extended a hand to help the boy up. “Good.” J Baby thought he was going to walk him into the kitchen to talk, but to his surprise Dunkin effortlessly picked him up as if he weighed nothing and slung him over his shoulder. He watched the hallway got smaller and smaller as Dunkin carried him up the stairs.

“I’m sorry Sir. I know I shouldn’t have acted like that. I know it was wrong.” J baby was already sorry and dreading impending punishment.

“Good. That makes this a little easier then. You know that it is my duty to watch and take care of you.”

“Yes Sir.”

“And you know that means making sure you get enough sleep at the right times.”

“Yes Sir”

“And that little kittens don’t always know what is best for them, but need to trust those who care for them.”

“Yes Sir. But-“

“But?” Dunkin stopped and shifted J Baby off of his shoulder as they got to one of the changing rooms. “And what do you have to but about?”

J Baby already knew he shouldn’t have started this. “B-b-but, Sssir, I’m a b-b-big kitten.” J Baby Stammered out his explanation for the big orc staring down at him.

Dunkin smirked and shook his head. His tusks moved from side to side as he shut his eyes and let out a big sigh. “J Baby, are you still on that?”

J Baby was already fighting back tears. He had a feeling what was coming and knew there was no avoiding it. “I… I really want to be a big kitten. I should be. I’m old enough. I’m in big school… I should be! It’s not fair! I at least just want the other kids to think I’m a big kid!” With the last words he started to cry and Dunkin let down a big green hand to lift J Baby’s head up. With the other hand he rubbed the back of the little kitten’s head. “I’m sorry Dunkin. I didn’t want to be bad. I really didn’t. I’m sorry.”

“Ssshhhh. It’s ok. I understand. It’s hard to look bad in front of the rest of the tribe, huh?”

“J Baby stopped crying for a second. That made sense. “Yeah…”

“You don’t want them to look down on you, because you want them to respect you. Maybe even look up to you someday. So when you’re embarrassed in front of them, it makes you feel nervous and afraid, and stuff, huh?”

J Baby took a deep breath and just nodded. How did Dunkin always know him so well.

“But you know that I understand right?”

“Uh huh. Y-yes Sir”

“It’s because I know that really, deep down, you’re really a little one. And I think you know that too don’t you, huh?”

J Baby nodded as he kicked off his shoes and settled down for Dunkin to start undressing him. He knew this lecture well. And he knew that he needed to hear it a lot sometimes.

“As long as you’re here, you’re a little one. For quite a few reasons. That’s one reason why you’re here. And I’m here to take care of you J Baby.” The orc’s big hands had started to remove the kitten’s socks and hoodie. He unbuttoned the school shirt and the kittens trousers, sliding them down to the floor and gathered the outfit in one hand and tossed them over his shoulder into the laundry hamper behind him. It was now that J Baby’s littleness was clear. The boy moved his small purple paws to try to cover his diaper.

“And what do we have here, J Baby?”

“M-my…my diaper.”

“You wear a diaper?”

“Yes Sir. I wear diapers.”

“Not underoos?” Dunkin grabbed a pair of superhero undies from the hamper and held them out for J Baby to see. They were there in front of the kitten’s face. Small underpants for a little boy, they still smelled of being recently worn, probably by one of the younger kids downstairs. “You don’t wear underoos like these?”

“No Sir. I wear diapers.”

“I thought big boys wore underoos like these. I thought little boys wore diapers.”

“Yes Sir. Diapers are for little boys.”

“Ah, I see. And do little boys who wear diapers also suck on pacifiers when they’re lonely or scared or need to be calmed down?”

“Yes Sir. They suck pacifiers. Like the one in my backpack.”

“Ah, I see. And do little boys sleep in bunk beds with other big boys?”

“No Sir. Little boys need to sleep in cribs, tucked in tight by their caregivers.”

“Ah, I see. That sounds right. So, where do you sleep J Baby?”

“I sleep in a crib Sir.”

“Ah, I see. So then by all accounts, what would that make you, huh?”

“A Little boy, Sir.”

“Ah, that sounds right. That sounds just right.” With that Dunkin untapped the moist diaper in one quick motion and threw it into a diaper pail like he was tossing a basketball. Now J Baby stood there, totally naked and vulnerable, talked out of his “too big for his britches” mood. He looked up at the huge hulking figure in front of him. To his relief, Dunkin did not appear upset. It was probably asking too much for there to be no spanking however.

Dunkin picked J Baby up and carried him to a padded bench where the other cubs sat while tying their shoes when they got dressed. He was glad that Dunkin shut the door. At least now he would be spared the embarrassment of a cub walking in and seeing him getting a bare bottom spanking. Dunkin turned J Baby over his lap in one smooth motion. The kitten started breathing shallowly, knowing this was going to smart. The orc’s right hand easily covered J Baby’s entire rear end. Dunkin rubbed the little bottom.

“Now, young one, you know why you need this spanking, huh?”

“Yes Sir. It’s because I forgot my place and acted poorly.”

“That’s right. It is to remind and correct you. Not because you are bad, but because you made bad actions.”

“Yes Sir. I’m ready.” At that Dunkin lifted his large hand and brought it down with a loud SMACK. The force of it made J Baby lose his breath. But it would continue.


By this point any hold out of “big boy-ness” was gone. J Baby was openly sobbing out of breath. Tears ran all down his face which was a mess. His fur was matted with sweat and tears. And suddenly- Dunkin lifted him up to wrap the kitten in a big hug. J Baby wrapped his arms around his orc caregiver and buried his face in his neck as he slowly caught his breath and was able to stop crying. He didn’t care anymore if the younger cubs might have heard. Dunkin rubbed the cub’s back and shushed him. Once he had calmed down J Baby gave Dunkin one more tight squeeze and whispered “Thank you.”

Dunkin smiled at the cub and picked him up again, this time carrying him the short distance to the bathroom and dropped him gently into a big bathtub. He turned on the faucet and warm water started to fill up. Dunkin lathered up a washcloth and began to bathe the young kitten. Even though engaged in this very babyish moment, J Baby felt better, back to normal. They chatted about a lot of things, mostly school and friends, music and tv, what they wanted to do over the weekend. Dunkin smiled and listened as a happy J Baby talked about the things that interested him and shared his thought and advise too. It was a nice special time for them to bond. The big orc hands could clean a cub easily and quickly. They paid special attention to the special areas, what some boys may incorrectly think of as their privates.

J Baby blushed, but coyishly bit his lower lip. Dunkin’s hands covered his small boyhood easily. It was smaller than Dunkin’s pinky. But even though it was in water, it was starting to harden. “Oh…”

“What have we here, huh?”

“Please don’t make fun, Sir.”

“Nothing to make fun of little one.”


“Yes, you’ve got one of those. But this is a weewee.”

“Yes, I know that. But it’s… small. I’m small down there.” J Baby looked down past the white fur on his tummy to Dunkin’s hand that was lifting up his boyhood for one last “scrubbin”.

“J Baby, You’re a little boy. Little boys have little wee wees. That’s all there is too it. It fits nicely in your diapers and it’s very cute. And it’s yours so it’s very special. Got it?”

J Baby nodded his blushing head.

“Got it!?!” Dunkin said it louder as he started rubbing J Baby’s wee wee a different way.

“Oh, yes Sir.” J Baby was really enjoying this. It felt good to rub himself down there, but even better with someone. He felt Dunkin’s other hand toward’s his backside and one of the orc’s big fingers circle and press at his tailhole. “Oh! Oh yeah.”

“Ha! Easy kitten. You’re not ready for that yet.” Much as Dunkin may have wanted to, he knew the lad wasn’t ready for a normal sized finger, much less a big orc one. And he would never do anything til the cub was ready for it. Still, he could touch it a little and enjoy the look of the cub’s face as he enjoyed it.

Dunkin lifted J Baby out of the tub and pulled a soft warm blue towel around him. J Baby giggled as Dunkin dried him off briskly but thoroughly. J Baby got on a step stool and brushed his teeth over the sink as Dunkin brushed his fur out for him. Then the orc took J Baby’s paw in his hand as he walked the little cub to his room. J Baby didn’t even care that he was walking the hall naked with his little weenie on display and being led to one of the nurseries.

Dunkin opened the door, flicked on the light and lifted J Baby onto a changing table, taking time to fly him around the room like a superhero first. Then he blew a big raspberry on the cubs tummy, which feels even sillier with big orc tusks. The big intimidating orc gently applying powder and lotion to a ten year old kitten may have looked strange to most people, but it felt very familiar and right to the two of them. Actually, to anyone at the center. The nighttime diaper was about to be lifted up when J baby pleaded with his green eyes looking up at Dunkin. “What is it little one?”

“Please, Sir, can I?”

“Can you what kitten?”

“Can I rub it a little more? Please?”

Dunkin smiled. Boys were all the same weren’t they? “Hmm. I don’t know.” Dunkin loved to tease them.

“Please Sir? I’ll be extra extra good!”

“Well… Ok. Go ahead kiddo.” With that J Baby smiled and reached his paw down to his little weenie  and rubbed it. It wasn’t big but it was hard and he rubbed and bucked and Dunkin whispered encouragement “That’s it boy. Come on, that’s it. Almost there? Feeling good? Yeah, atta boy.”

Soon a pleasant little orgasm rocked the kitten as he purred out loudly.

Dunkin chuckled “Ha. Atta boy. There ya go. Feel much better now, huh?”

“Yes Sir. Thank you.” J Baby blushed as Dunkin cleaned and taped up his diaper. The big orc lifted him off the table and zipped him into a pair of rainbow footed sleepers. His fleecy pajamas felt warm and he climbed into his cot to give his stuffed dragon a big hug. Dunkin handed him a bottle of strawberry milk to drink and raised the side of the crib. The hulking orc then took a seat in a rocking chair and picked up the book on the table next to it. The lights dimmed to only the glowing stars on the ceiling and a small reading lamp where Dunkin continued from the big adventure book he and J Baby were working on together.

“Chapter 14. The young warlock was frightened at this sudden turn of events. How would he ever escape this tower? He looked around for some kind of door, a secret panel, something!…”

Dunkin got through two chapters, but J Baby was clearly ready to get to dreamland. He bookmarked their progress and bent over the crib railing to give J Baby a goodnight kiss.

“Thank you Dunkin. Ni-ni.”

“Ni-ni J Baby. Sleep well, my big kitten.”