Art by Pandajenn

Sly Fox by Kuna Keba

What’s Up with Fivey Fox

Blowing up the world with porn images this mascot from a Twitter account has drawn so much attention that Rolling Stones did an article on him.

But before I get into the article lets discuss @FiveyFox on Twitter which as of this post has 8,729 followers and is 100% SFW

Really it isn’t much more than a mascot from someone who wants to report on election results.

But then there is the article and I quote

The most important thing you need to know about Fivey, however, is that he is unspeakably hot, at least if the replies to his Twitter account (where he has amassed a little more than 7,000 followers) are any indication. On social media, he has amassed something of a following within the furry fandom, a community made up of people with an affinity for anthropomorphized animals. It’s worth noting that contrary to most media coverage, not everyone in the community is actually sexually attracted to cartoon mammals; yet the reaction to Fivey specifically is not unlike that of Tony the Tiger, another beloved russet-hued mammal who warranted a great deal of X-rated thirst within a certain segment of the furry community. “You come back out of that hole, you cutie! WE WANT MORE FIVEY!” says one reply to Fivey’s entreaty to vote; another less delicately requests “pics of [his] foxhole.”

The article is fair, given what happened to poor Tony a few years back. Furries what goes around comes around. Geez that stuff sent and made about Tony was Porn Hub worthy.

As for Fivey there is no better example of this piece created by @critter’scraittersz

What can I say, we deserve it. The article like I said is fair, and things like this will happen. That is also the tamest one I could find. Good grief…