Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer #1 (2019)

We have to address the elephant in the room, I should really say hedgehog. But really? Does the design of Sonic in this film actually look like a hedgehog in any way shape or form? It doesn’t to me I just think it’s creepy. I will say one thing for it and that is Jim Carey who seems to be back in the old form. Crazy characters, outrageous acting if this film is a hit or not is on Jim Carey and not the whatever it is Sonic.

I have seen fan-made versions of Sonic that look better. The one Butch Hartman posted on Twitter looks better. I personally think they should have used Zen the Tiger version as it more realist than any version I have ever seen.

Sally The Series Review

In this YouTube Original Series ‘SALLY’, a world where humans do not exist, Cody, a 20-something year old wolf gets wrapped up in trouble when he suspects his dear flatmate is a murderer…

The entire 3 episode run of the first season is up and what get turns out to be a pretty good series. Not bad at all for a first effort. Oh sure the episodes do have their problems but they are all minor to an interesting murder mystery, and like any good mystery the clues who are really behind this dastardly deed as each episode goes along.

Overall what you get is like a good amateur production, which I am sure will only get better with each future episode. I personally give the series 8 out of 10 and give it a strong recommendation.

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