Alabama Public Television refuses to air ‘Arthur’ episode with gay wedding

“It would be a violation of trust to broadcast the episode,” the director of programming at Alabama Public Television said.

Alabama Public Television chose not to air PBS’ recent “Arthur” episode that featured a same-sex marriage.

From NBC News During the animated series’ 22nd season premiere, titled “Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone,” Arthur’s third-grade teacher, Mr. Ratburn, marries Patrick, a chocolatier, at a wedding attended by his students, Arthur, Francine, Buster and Muffy. It aired May 13.

Mike McKenzie, director of programming at APT, told NBC News on Monday that PBS sent a message to stations in mid-April alerting them “to possible viewer concerns about the content of the program.” After he and others at APT viewed the episode, they decided not to broadcast it and showed a re-run instead.

McKenzie said the network has no plans to air it.

This really should not surprise anyone, any state where a woman can go to jail over something that is difficult for them to deal with you can expect this backwards thinking.