Disney’s Mulan Remake

Look I totally understand that Mulan may not be everyone’s favorite, hell I like the Black Cauldron and that barely got a phyiscal release. I know there is a lot of controversy over Disney remaking some of its classics. But I have always felt, even though the animated Mulan is a good film. That it should have been live action, after all, 99% of the characters in the film are human and it is based upon a real legend, with real people!!!

Hell, I may be in the minority but to me, the trailer looks GREAT.

Best places to eat, drink, and be merry with furries in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh City Paper had this article by Emily Wolfe talking about all the restaurants that out of their way to welcome furries during Anthrocon.

Parma Pizza you expect but the list which can be found HERE is nothing short of amazing and if you go to MFF like yours truly you are also kinda jealous. The reason why there are almost no restaurants around the convention. The closest besides the ones at the nearby hotels are roughly a half mile away or greater.