Suit up: Date set for Anthrocon’s full furry return in 2022

In an article recently posted by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Anthrocon, the convention featuring people dressed in anthropomorphic fursuits, is planning its in-person return to the Steel City in 2022.

According to a listing at the the David L. Lawrence Convention Center’s website, the gathering is being planned next summer from July 1-3.

“We are looking forward to Anthrocon’s return in 2022 and are excitedly anticipating seeing everyone in person and making the return of Anthrocon 2022 the best Anthrocon ever,” Anthrocon organizers said.

Fur Con News: WPAFW, Anthrocon

So what do you get:


An attending membership allows a member access to the event for its duration (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), food and drink at the event, and any publications at the event.

You also get 2 free seed tickets for the charity auction!


Generosity is appreciated! Sponsors help us provide even more services and activities for our membership. A sponsor gets the full privileges of an attending membership, as well as the following:

  • An awesome Sponsor ribbon
  • A special, collectible WPAFW cup
  • Expedited badge pickup on site
  • An extra 2 seed tickets!
  • Access to our Beer and Cider Bar on site (must be over 21)

Super Sponsor

You are incredibly generous! We will lavish you with gifts, praise, and thanks! A Super Sponsor(!) gets the full privileges of a Sponsor membership as well as the following:

  • An extra special and customized WPAFW gift!
  • ANOTHER extra 2 seed tickets!
  • A craft brewed cider flight including a paddle branded by a Das creation!
  • AND a special event (and keepsake) just for Super-Sponsors with the Guests of Honor!


A few weeks ago Uncle Kage warned of crooked dealers and of how Anthrocon was looking for solutions. The sad fact is that cons have always had their issues with crooks. There are a few that happened at MFF I know about. This is why it is so important when a commission goes wrong, report it to the con ASAP

Fur Con News: Furgether, Anthrocon

Furgether is looking for Panel submissions

Do you want to organize a panel at Furgether? You have an idea for an awesome activity at the convention? Please share it with us. The open call for panels and activities starts now.

Anthrocon Online Starts Today 12 Noon ET

Anthrocon Programming relies on you the attendees. Each year we take panel suggestions from attendees in the hopes to build an event that you all will enjoy to the fullest.

Main Events Livestream on

If you’re looking to join a BREAKOUT panel, click on the panel name in the schedule below and use the video call link to join the Google Meet room.

You can find the full schedule here as well as the Livestream

Fur Con News:Anthrocon VR

Hopefully this upcoming Anthrocon which will be a VR event (see below) will be the last and In Person sooner then we know will happen.

For those of you waiting to join in on the virtual reality fun, we have good news! The VR portion of our convention will be held online in Neos this year! We have two worlds for you to browse and watch the events in. Our main events room is a recreation of the spirit of Pittsburgh Ballroom where we would normally hold the main events and dances. You can watch the stream, hang out with friends, and even chill in the headless lounge.

We also will be hosting the Virtual Reality Dealer’s Room, or VRDR. There, you can browse the booths of over a hundred artists and dealers as well as watch the 24/7 artist alley multistream. More info on how to join that as an artist will be coming soon. You do not need a headset or even a powerful computer to join in on the fun, but a free Steam account is required.

Fur Con News: Anthrocon, Den Fur

Anthrocon announces this year’s charity

Den Fur announces Guest of Honor Foxene Starr, Ritz Tweeting

Fur Con News: Anthrocon

Wild North furcon to Hold Virtual Con

Ahoy there fluff tails!

Me and the crew have been plotting and scheming over many a bottle o’ Fentimans

We have come to the decision that we do not wish to put any land lubbers in peril this year by accepting crew mates in person.

Fear not though mateys! Like last year we shall bring you fun and adventure once again through a Virtual Voyage on Twitch Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of October!

Keep a weather eye out for further announcements from the crew on what our plans are, and how you can be involved.

Until then me hearties, batten down the hatches and shanty to ya hearts’ content!

~ Captain Twizell and the Wild North Crew

Anthrocon Goes Virtual for 2021

I know you can attend for free but I encourage everyone who takes part please register. This has been a long pandemic and if you want to see Anthrocon survive please do.

Link to Registration

Anthrocon Cancels for 2021

The following statement was posted on their site



We had high hopes but at this point, it looks like that we will not be able to safely hold the convention. As such we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the convention will be canceled this year.

For those of you who have deferred memberships or dealerships from 2020, those deferrals will carry over to 2022, as will hotel rooms won at the charity auction. Emails with the coupon codes for Anthrocon 2022 will be sent out at a later date.

Those who were purchasing memberships for this year need not do anything. Those memberships will be canceled and since no payments were processed so there are no refunds that need to be issued.

We are planning a virtual convention for this year. Information regarding the virtual convention will follow shortly.

Plans are proceeding for the in-person convention for 2022 which will take place June 30th – July 3rd. We plan to carry over the theme once again (Aesop’s Fables).

We are looking forward to Anthrocon’s return in 2022 and are excitedly anticipating seeing everyone in person and making the return of Anthrocon 2022 the best Anthrocon ever.

– Anthrocon Staff

Anthrocon Announces Ultrasponsor for 2021

Anthrocon made a surprising move recently when they announced Ultrasponsor membership

$1000 (Available during Pre-Registration Only) Limited Availability!

New for 2020 we are offering an Ultrasponsor Membership. This will be a limited availability membership offered only during pre-registration. An Ultrasponsor gets the full privileges of an Attending membership, as well as the following:

  • A nifty Ultrasponsor ribbon
  • A free Anthrocon T-shirt
  • VIP badge pick up at registration
  • Front of line privileges for advance admission to the Dealers Room each day
  • An invitation to the Artists & Dealers reception on Friday evening
  • Reserved seating at selected Main Ballroom events (plus 1 guest if desired)
  • A unique gift available to Anthrocon Supersponsors
  • An exclusive gift available only to Anthrocon Ultrasponsors
  • If registering prior to April 1: An advance opportunity to register for a hotel room before general availability! **(See Note)
  • Our wonderful Supersponsor Luncheon on Saturday with the Guests of Honor
  • Guaranteed placement within the first two rows at the Fursuit Parade Photo or Reserved Special Seating during the parade
  • Special Ultrasponsor Acrylic Badge (with special customization if you register by March 1st)
  • Free access to the Fursuit Friendly Cruises (if cruises are available)
  • Expedited elevator line privileges in the Westin Hotel
  • Sunday Ultrasponsor Brunch

Only time will tell if other cons offer this tier as more cons reopen.

Link to Anthrocon Registration