‘I like to bring smiles to other people’: Furry nation mesmerizes with eclectic mix of costumes

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette recently posted this wonderful article on Anthrocon.

Focusing mainly on the fursuiters, and their reasons for doing so. But I think the best quote of the whole article is the following…

“I like to bring smiles to other people’s faces,” Abel Olson said of her participation in the parade. A 24-year-old seamstress from Illinois, her “fursona” is Lemon Lime — a green-and-white snow leopard with a lemon slice for a tail that children seem to love.

Best places to eat, drink, and be merry with furries in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh City Paper had this article by Emily Wolfe talking about all the restaurants that out of their way to welcome furries during Anthrocon.

Parma Pizza you expect but the list which can be found HERE is nothing short of amazing and if you go to MFF like yours truly you are also kinda jealous. The reason why there are almost no restaurants around the convention. The closest besides the ones at the nearby hotels are roughly a half mile away or greater.

Anthrocon Makes 2019 Con Book Available Online

Last year when MFF made their 2018 con book available after the convention I wondered what Anthrocon would be doing this year. It seems they 1 Up’ed MFF by not only making their con book available online but also a week before the convention. You can find the con book here, I wonder what MFF is thinking now?

Tails From Anthrocon 2018, Where Furries Take On A ‘Movie Monsters’ Theme

WESA did this great feature, the above video included on Anthrocon 2018 and it’s delightful them.

Read the article

Anthrocon 2018 by The Numbers

Total Raised for South Hill Pet Rescue $36,012

The number in Fursuit Parade (I wish MFF still had one) 1,980

Total Attendance 8,407