Anthrocon Updates COVID Policy

Anthrocon has heard the concerns of our members, and in response, will be posting the convention COVID policy details and guidelines in the coming week. Our policy will address vaccination and masking requirements and procedures. We will incorporate local guidance into the policy, with updates as needed, closer to the convention date. We sincerely apologize for any concerns or confusion to our membership regarding this topic.

Anthrocon 2023 Registration Open

I know some might be surprised by this image, but really that is all is on their site zero details.

So I can only assume it will either be announced later or you’ll find out when you get there

Anthrocon Update/ Megaplex Poster

Megaplex recently posted this reminder Poster

Anthrocon 2022 Numbers

Let me point out that is over 2,000 fursuiters, the largest number I had ever heard at any con.

Registration: 9702

Parade/Photo: 2562 fursuiters

Charity: $33,092.70

After a 3 year absence I would say Anthrocon did extremely well.

But what do those registration numbers say…

Before the pandemic some even thought Anthrocon was a dying convention. But this year proved them wrong by a full 20% jump in attendance that’s 344 over 2019.

As some of you might remember there was always a friendly fight between MFF and Anthrocon over who gets the larger attendance. But MFF in 2021 only had 8900, that’s a full 802 less than Anthrocon 2022. Will MFF lose out to Anthrocon this year? Only time will tell.

First Timer @ Anthrocon

I know there is a lot going through your mind when you go to a new con. Like what is happening when, is this going to be LIVESTREAM’ed, where can I get food, and how do I get from my hotel to the convention center.

I will be in the same boat next year. This is my official announcement I will be at Anthrocon next year. So why not this year, a couple of reasons.

Well anyway I know from personal experience heading to a new con can be a bit overwhelming for some. I can’t tell you the number I have helped at MFF over the years. But strangely enough when I asked for info about Anthrocon. Except for the most basic information I have gotten almost nothing useful…. Until I checked out their site everything that you need to know. A Map of nearby restaurants, even a guide how far they are from the convention center.

On A Personal Note: I rather go to the actual restaurant rather than use an app. I don’t know how many of you know this but apps up the price of food. I know because I once worked at a restaurant and began checking all the apps. Some items were as much as $3 above menu listed prices. Contacting the restaurant directly is also a good option for delivery… but be sure you tip the driver. Despite what some say, they may not get a tip via online or app,


Did you know Anthrocon hired Shuttle Buses to and from various hotels. Running from 8AM to 3AM the following day. Check there site to see if your hotel is listed.

The one I was thinking about staying was in fact listed

All I can add is enjoy the con, just relax and have fun. The one thing I can say is you will never know what you might run into at a con. That can be pure fun.


Anthrocon 2022’s Artists Alley List

You’ve waited… and watched… and here are the results! Anthrocon 2022’s Artists Alley Lottery Results/Seating Chart is available here! Thank you to all applicants who pre-registered for the convention and signed up for the lottery. We’ll be sending an email out shortly!

Anthrocon COVID Policy

Do you have your proof of vaccination to attend #Anthrocon? Make sure you’ve got it ready! If you’re providing a negative COVID test, it must be certified – NOT a photo of a test card, or a home test kit.