Indy Fur Con Releases An Apology Letter

Original post from IFC Twitter feed

Though 2019’s event is over, the board feels that actions taken several months ago were inadequate. A statement was released, but a true apology was never given. Before 2019 officially concludes, and 2020 planning begins, we issue our sincere apologies.

Statement Release

For Immediate Release For More Information, Contact

September 10, 2019 IndyFurCon

Official Statement
The IndyFurCon Board of Directors would like to extend a sincere apology to Jib Kodi, Boozy Badger, Xander, our staff, and our loyal attendees for several events that took place in 2019.

First, we want to apologize to Xander, Boozy, and several of our staff members who raised valid concerns about 2 Gryphon attending iFC 2019. Any specifics regarding his participation at the convention is moot. The Board of Directors should have never considered giving him any platform at iFC after multiple concerns were brought to us. At the time, the Board of Directors did not take the communities’ concerns to heart as we should have.

Second, shortly after their withdrawal, Boozy and Xander sent in-depth letters to the Board of Directors addressing their reasons for withdrawing from the convention. The Board neglected to share these letters with the staff at large. This lack of communication led to our staff being misinformed as to the ethical reasoning behind their withdrawals. This led to members of our staff making accusations and talking down about Boozy and Xander’s withdraw. Any backlash and negative comments that any staff (current or previous), or members of the community directed to either of them, is because of our decisions. The Board
of Directors sincerely regrets any negative attention that was brought to those that have supported us in the past.

We would especially like to thank Boozy for his continued support and guidance in these matters. Boozy privately talked with the Board of Directors, on multiple occasions, and gave his thoughts on how to address those concerns and become a better organization overall. The Board should have made it completely clear to staff that Boozy was working with us, and stopped any such comments contradicting his “anger towards the con.” We have been working on addressing those concerns since, but do not deny there is still quite a long road ahead.

To our staff, who withdrew their support from the convention and those who stayed, we need to apologize. During this course of events, miscommunication ran rampant throughout our staff. This caused confusion and misunderstanding that led to frustration. This was completely unacceptable. The Board of Directors should have stepped in and corrected the misinformation at the highest levels to ensure all staff had a clear understanding of what was happening. The staff of IndyFurCon, whether present or future, has our word that this will never be allowed to happen again.

Even as we make these apologies, The Board of Directors understands that talk just talks. As we move forward, we must also walk the walk. As a convention, we are working toward a brighter future and making sure we right these wrongs. We are continually making strides to help improve the convention.

1) Recently we created the Chief of Staff position. This position is explicitly designed to ensure that staff are being communicated with, and listened to at all time, preventing miscommunication in the future.

2) We have completely altered the social media department, which will prevent anything but completely accurate information going out henceforth.

3) We are creating a staff code of conduct that follows our new set of core values. We believe our staff should be held to a high standard to be the staff the community deserves.

The road ahead is long, and there are still many changes that need to happen, but we are committed to improving and taking all feedback regarding all of this seriously. The Board of Directors is committed to providing a high-quality entertainment and educational, social gathering showcasing the performers, artists, writers, and crafters of the anthropomorphic community in a safe, inclusive, fun environment for all ages to enjoy. With pride, authenticity,
and honesty, we will provide a pathway for the advancement of the anthropomorphic arts for future generations. This is our promise to the community. We hope that the community, and especially Jib, Boozy, Xander and all who voiced their concerns, will work with us going forward, to ensure this an event they would be proud to attend in the future.

We encourage any and all feedback on how to make IndyFurCon the convention you want it to be. Please send us your thoughts or concerns to so we can truly be Indiana’s Furry Convention.

With sincerity,
The IndyFurCon Board of Directors