Mr. Wolf Goes to Washington: A Look Back

Even though it may seem to some that during my trip to Washington, DC that I did everything, and seen everything. Actually, that is just a drop in the bucket with the 100s of museums and monuments scattered throughout DC. I missed out on the Air and Space Museum annex which is located at Dulles Airport which houses both an SR-71 and an actual space shuttle among other things. Also, I will admit I made some mistakes, the biggest was walking from the Jefferson Memorial to Lincoln’s, a half-mile walk in 90-degree weather.

I will fully admit I am tired from my trip and just about every muscle is sore. But I did enjoy my trip and will be returning once I have free time which will allow me to return.

Let’s start with my train journey, as I said in earlier reports my main problem was FOOD. They do have a Cafe but its choices are quite limited. I did have a salad on the night of my departure, but the next day I was limited to a muffin and apple juice. I will admit they have more but not much besides breakfast sandwiches. I should have brought fruit and maybe my own cereal, TIP nut milk does not go bad without a fridge.

Food was also my issue in DC, not that the food was bad but I was paying nearly $20 per meal and this added up. What I should have done was made Union Station my main hub as there are literally dozens of restaurants with food priced at under $10. My other issue was drinking, not alcohol ones but things like soda and water. Most museums sold a bottle of tea for $4 each, I actually paid $6 for a glass of ice tea at a museum. It seems DC is not a good place for convenience stores as in besides from food trucks (which I was grateful for) there isn’t any that I saw. In fact, the only Dunkin’ I saw during my entire stay was near the National Zoo. There are a few McDonalds but not that main, there are more in downtown Chicago than near the National Mall in DC.

Union Station is also the main hub of the Circulator bus, which is operated for FREE and you can get off and back on as many times as you want. 4 routes use Union Station as a hub, the bus is so convenient even the locals use it to get around.

Some of my photos I am uploading when and where I can LINK

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