Veterans Day disgrace: Stop deporting immigrants who served

I am stepping aside from the furry business today to honor our Vets. Who sadly despite everything our elected officials say get the worse of it. I should know I volunteer at a VA Hospital. Frankly, there is so much I can say about what is wrong, I could write an entire book on that subject. Despite the threatened cuts that the Officials make in Washington. I think the biggest crime against the Vets is the deportation of those who served. Our Govt made promises which frankly it isn’t keeping. Think I am lying just Google, “American Vets living in Tijuana”, and see.

You can read the full article by USA Today HERE But I’ll quote one paragraph.

Once inside, you might be greeted by veterans who are miles away from their homes and their families and denied access to the benefits they earned, need, and are still eligible for under the law. In the face of this injustice, however, they are still proud of their service to our nation and are fighting to return home. It’s time for Congress to join this fight and bring them back to the families and nation they risked their lives to protect.

Some might say I am Anti Trump, which I have made no secret about that. But I am also very Pro-Vet, and this comes from someone who did not serve. But has spent nearly 900 hours helping out of the kindness of their heart.