Holiday Depression Help at least Surviving those Days

You can get a list of all the stuff you always hear about Holiday Depression by a simple search. But even I know knowing all the facts does not help. You know you are bummed out and you want nothing to do with the holidays period. Which can even go as far as you think some xmas songs are akin to pure torture.

The truth is I have felt this way since I was 9. The reason why is a simple, utter disappointment and feeling worthless will do that to anyone. I was made to feel this way by my late father and I fully admit I was a victim of child abuse.

Since then I do not even own one, holiday decoration, and as far as xmas music goes my 2 favs both by Weird Al; Christmas at Ground Zero and The Night Santa Went Crazy.

My teenage and adult years were no better, even by then both my parents were gone…they both died. I was always the last one everyone would think about and if I tried something new it would usually backfire on me and someone would always stab me in the back. Not literally more figuratively. It’s been that way ever since that isn’t depression talking it is the 100% truth.

My holiday depression usually kicks in late October and usually ends by Mid January although I feel some depression to Spring. Hey, that is a fact of life for me.

So what do I do that helps me through this sadness and fatique? I 1st of all volunteer at the VA hospital, I help the Vets out as much as I can. I always feel both satisfied and proud that I helped out. Also Midwest Furfest, it’s my home convention and I have been commuting to the con for 6 years, this upcoming one will be my 7th. I don’t know why but I have so much fun it makes me forget about my problems. Which I guess is the whole point, finding something that you love to do and helps you forget your problems does help those blues go away…at least for now. One of the main reasons I like comedies over horror and mysteries.

Yes keeping your mind busy really helps one of the main reasons I own a lot of video games. I am always playing something during darker times. But really you do what works for you and stay away from drugs and alcohol when you feel like this. Because they will make your depression worse, and you could possibly OD. I have seen more than my share of people drinking themselves to death. One guy I knew drunk so much he barely ate, and really died of starvation.

Call that your plan as in surviving until the new year.