Labor Union Unknowingly Posts Furry Fetish Art

We all know what this is, but apparently a labor union didn’t as reported by the Daily Dot

The international labor union posted the image to its Greater Chicago affiliate page. The incident went semi-viral after someone posted it to Twitter.

We all know furries and Twitter.

As for the image itself, it depicts “fatfur,” a furry fetish involving a cartoonish style of fat. A hyper-obese skunk is laying on top of a struggling hamster, reaching for a bag of money. “Squash the boss” and “unite your workplace” decorate the top and bottom of the image. Jay, who commissioned the art and requested to use a pseudonym for this article, said it was a response to far-right politics they’ve observed in the furry fandom.

But this ends on a good note, everyone got a good laugh about this.

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