FURUM (Malaysia) Sets Date

Space, abounds with wonders. Stars that sparkle in the night. Galaxies that fills the void! That which draws curiosity to its beauty! Sparks of adventurous spirits to discover and behold! What awaits those who traverse the cosmos and look to delve into its mysteries?

FURUM (Malaysia) Registration

Even though FURUM takes place in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia pretty standard for most cons.

So for fun what is it in USD

RM70 = $16 RM 180 = $40 RM 400 = $90

The bad news is as of this posting they are sold out

FURUM Attendance, Furcation Charity Numbers

FurUM 2019’s attendee count

Their final number is 437.

422 (pre reg) + 15 (on site tickets)

FurUM Sets Date for VC, TFF Opens Panel Applictions

Furs Upon Malaysia (FurUM) to hold virtual event 18 December

Take a deep dive into #TFF2022 by hosting a panel for our attendees!

Hosting panels or events is an excellent way to gather people of similar interests, educate the community, share your experiences, or show off your hard work and make new friends

FURUM and Cozy Con Sets Dates for Next Virtual Con

Furs Upon Malaysia (Malaysia) to hold virtual event on Nov 18

The furcon is set to become Southeast Asia’s second furcon to hold virtual events. Their record will second to Little Island Furcon (Singapore), which holds on Nov 13.

Cozy Con

Fur Con News: FURUM Cancels 2021 Event

FURUM Furs Upon Malaysia (Malaysia) cancels 2021

To our fellow friends, As the pandemic situation has not improved, we have made the decision of delaying FURUM until further notice to keep the safety of our attendees, friends, and family in mind. We hope the situation would become better in time. Meanwhile, please stay safe!

In a statement made on Twitter


FURUM which takes place in Malaysia is postponed to 2021

They have what I would deem a very cleaver piece of animation announcing the change on their Twitter feed which can be found HERE

PAWAI which takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia also announced a postponement to 2021