Portable PC Gaming

The Verge among other sites are reporting on Alienware’s New Portable Gaming PC

The article says:

Alienware is best known for its beefy gaming laptops and preconfigured desktop rigs, but at CES 2020, the company showed off a wild new prototype, the Concept UFO. It’s a full Windows 10 gaming PC, shrunken down into a form factor very similar to a Nintendo Switch — complete with detachable controllers and a dock to hook it up to a TV or monitor.

The Concept UFO consists of four pieces: there’s a main “head” unit, which has an eight-inch, 1200p display; the battery; and all the processing and graphic hardware. There are two controllers, which attach through an enjoyably solid magnetic rail system. And there’s a “hub” unit that’s similar to the Joy-Con controller grip, which allows the two separate controller halves to combine into a single controller for playing either on the head unit (which, like the Switch, has a built-in kickstand) or on a connected monitor.

Really for what it is, I think it’s great that PC gamers have this new option

Trouble Makers Banned from Vancoufur

A Letter posted recently on @BCAnthroEvents on Twitter this page belongs to Vancoufur’s Governing Board.

I am not going to get into who was banned and for what reason this action was taken. I am here only to report the facts.