PAWAI (Indonesia) Sets 2023 Date

Hi, Fuzzies! we have some good news! We’re ready for PAWAI 2023. It’ll be held at Malaka Hotel, Bandung. June 24-25 Theme inspired from Bohemian/gypsy culture. “Secret Garden”. A journey far away from home. Can’t wait to see all of you again Follow our social media for updates

PAWAI (Indonesia) Update

arty Along With Anthro Indonesia is a furry convention in Jakarta, Indonesia. Come join us and have fun together. PAWAI UPTOWN ROCK ON AIR! at 28-31 July 2022!

Calling all creators friends: PAWAI On Air will provide you a space to open your own booth at PAWAI On Air: Art Market! Guideline:… Registration Link:… Registration is open until July 20, 2022! Stay Tuned!!

Guests of Honor

Furry Weekend, PAWAI Furcons Update

Get ready for #FurryWeekend At-Home next week on May 7-8, by visiting or!

PAWAI (Indonesia) Offers Refund Options for Postponed furcon

Dear PAWAI Attendees

Thank you for waiting for the refund system’s completion. You can request a refund for your PAWAI registration now from our website. Please note that you have several refund options:

Full refund: Your will be refunded based on the amount you paid for the ticket.

Partial refund: You can help PAWAI cover the fees charged by our payment processors. Refund will be deducted by 3%.

Donation to PAWAI: Due to the non-profit nature of PAWAI you can help PAWAI by donating your payment. Your ticket is canceled and your funds are donated to PAWAI to help us make better con in the future.

To request a refund, please login to and go to to select your preferred option and enter your refund details (if required).

After you made a refund request, you will get an email when we have done the transfer. Refunds should be transferred into your account within seven working days. Please contact us if your funds are still not in your account after seven working days.

We wish you all the best and we hope to see you again in the future

Take Care

PAWAI (Singapore) Cancels 2021 Con

Dear PAWAI Attendees.

Due to the current situation where we couldn’t decide that the situation would be completely safe in July 2021, we have decided to cancel PAWAI 2021.

Refund process will open at the end of April 2021.

Stay safe and we hope to see you again in the upcoming years



FURUM which takes place in Malaysia is postponed to 2021

They have what I would deem a very cleaver piece of animation announcing the change on their Twitter feed which can be found HERE

PAWAI which takes place in Jakarta, Indonesia also announced a postponement to 2021

COVID-19 Report

Confuzzled Issues a Statement it seems their con is still going ahead…for now

DenFur is still going ahead with their planned convention

Indy Fur Con issues a statement

PAWAI hopes con will go ahead but is keeping options open

Mephit Fur Meet issues a statement hoping for the best

Lastly Furry Pinas