Anthrocon 2020 and COVID-19

I know I am not the only one who is worried that this COVID-19 pandemic is going to effect the MOST IMPORTANT part of the entire furry fandom and that is the cons. Personally I am worried that MFF might be canceled or delayed. Although you can find the entire Statement from Anthrocon HERE I like to focus on the 6 points they make and recent events such as the partial travel ban imposed by the US as of today.

  1. We may restrict attendance of those who are coming from areas of the world where the virus has not been contained.
  2. We may request that attendees who show symptoms of illness remain away from convention space and encourage those who are ill prior to departure to consider remaining home.
  3. We may suggest that attendees refrain from hugging one another. While this is, of course, a cherished tradition within our community, it is unwise in an atmosphere where contagion may be lurking.
  4. We fully intend to provide hand sanitizer to our attendees, either at numerous fixed stations or in portable bottles. At this time few, if any, suppliers are able to meet the demand; however, we have already placed a substantial order for hand sanitizer which we expect to receive in May of 2020.
  5. All hotels provide an ample supply of soap. There is widespread agreement among the medical community that simply washing hands often for at least 20 seconds at a time is the most effective means of stopping the spread of coronaviruses such as COVID-19.
  6. In the event that local, national, or international health authorities advise that the convention not take place, we may be forced to cancel or postpone the event. Should that be necessary, we will make a decision at that time as to the disposition of membership fees that have been paid to date.

#1 Travel Restrictions have already been put in place not by Anthrocon but instead by the US Govt.

#2 If your sick you really should travel no matter the reason. Personally both at work and where I volunteer have already put that rule in place. If your sick you should not be here.

#3 HUGGING You got to play it safe

#4 Hand Sanitizer which you should be carrying around a bottle now. I take one with me all of the time, and despite what some have said it does kill germs and there is one available that can actually kill viruses.

#5 Wash Your Hands I think that point is very clear. But if your still worried, disposable gloves. My workplace is now providing them and I have a box of them myself. Also please do not touch your face or genitals without washing your hands first. I know the 2nd part seems silly…especially to guys. But I actually know someone who caught the flu like that…really.

#6 Keep and eye on both the news and on your favorite con own site for the latest news. Honest folks no one knows how bad this is going to get, and the only current treatment is watch the patient and monitor the symptoms along with weeks in QUARANTINE. There is no vaccine ATM.