Fritz The Cat (1972) Film Review NSFW

Some might be wondering why am I reviewing, what is now a 48 year old movie? Simply because of my Amazon Prime membership, I was allowed to see the film for the very first time with no ads and surprisingly intact.

Let me start out by saying given the way furry art is these days, the art of the film could have been done today by furries.

Be warned some of the following images are NSFW PERIOD, and I repeat NSFW. So no complaining later after all I did not warn you.

Also given that the film is older than most of my readers, I am going to include plenty of spoilers as I see no way of telling you the story of this 1 hour and 20 min movie without including them.

The film starts out in the park where Fritz and his 2 friends try and preform in the park (they play guitars) and failing…

After they see these 3 women go after a crow, who turns out to be gay they go hunting for women. Not to kill but have sex.

Noted the orgy scene in the bathtub, but only after they had some weed. Yes drug and alcohol use is in this movie in fact it’s a key plot device.

It is a strange mix, I would agree human anatomy and sometimes male sex organs, but the female ones are always there. Very much like today’s furry art. Each character identifies itself as a different species for example cops are pigs and African Americans are crows, and generally in the film males only wear clothes above the waist.

Take this later scene where Fritz wants to be apart of the crow community, and almost starts a bar fight, but cooler heads. Which then lead to stealing a car, the cops get involved and this happens.

See what I am saying of how even this is a 48 year old movie it’s very much furry before there even was furry.

Later Fritz and his new friend wind up at the crow’s place and after drugs…the inevaluable happens.

After this Fritz wants the crows to rise up and fight The Man. This only echos the Black Power Movement and it is only by accident he starts a Police Riot where many crows are killed and Fritz is on the run.

After a friend picks him up they make their way across the country only to break up and leaving Fritz in the desert. All because he could not tell of the engine was broken or they were just plain out of gas.

This then leads Fritz to some creatures we would called Terrorists these day and gets radicalized.

Now get this he gets himself involved in a plot to blow up a power plant.

I included this image to show you how far away Fritz is from that dynamite. Which his associate is about to set off while he is up there, and yes Fritz is blown up. Not killed, but only to wind up later in the hospital covered head to toe with bandages.

Later 4 of his female friends show up at the hospital and Fritz is in bad shape. But once he awakens this happens.

I kid you not the film ends with an orgy in his hospital room with a cop standing guard on the door crying.

For an old film it holds up remarkably well, and I would agree it’s a bit dated in some parts. But for the time it was made makes perfect sense. If you want to see a mainstream yiff with a good story. Check out Fritz the Cat, and you don’t have to subscribe to Amazon Prime like I did to see this. It is available though multiple sources and many of them are free. I bet the filmmakers would be surprised that quite a few furries consider Fritz the Cat, a furry film, even thought it wasn’t meant to be.