COVID-19 Report: Furtastic

Furtastic which takes place in Fjeldholmlejren in Jutland, Denmark, announced recently that its August convention is cancelled and posted the following statement on their official site.

The full statement can be found HERE

According to figured gathered by GFTV the current status of 2020 fur cons

44 Canceled
13 Deferred
38 On Plan

Beware of Scams

Despite this pandemic or because of it there are a lot of scam emails going around. I personally have received more than 20 fake emails from Amazon claiming I ordered over $1,000 in items as a gift and of course they want me to click on a link to THEIR SITE. Which really isn’t Amazon and it maybe doesn’t even look like it. But once you enter your login info you are 100% screwed. The simplest solution is also the easiest, just login to your REAL Amazon account and check on orders.

Besides the COVID-19 ones, the screen shot below is attempt and didnt come form paypal it was a trick to get the victim to call the 800 number to pull the refund scam

Please be aware this is not a real company, this comes from a scammer who only wants your money. You will get nothing for this, also if they did any work. Take your PC to a real PC Tech as you could have RANSOMWARE.