Introspective Furry Anime Are Having A Moment

With Beastars and BNA: Brand New Animal not only getting views but high praise. Along with Gleiper, Under The Fur it seems Furry Anime Makers are finally realizing what Furry Writers have known for years. These furry characters can explore different situations that are a mere human being that is totally unknown.

In an article on Kotaku details are explored. To get into such detail here I would literally have to copy the article which in my opinion is really worth reading as in.

Take Beastars for example, where the wolves can smell if you have sex. Can you even imagine a human doing that … impossible? Then there is discrimination, which is touched upon in Zootopia. But in Beastars is fully explored, then theirs is the devourings. When characters are anthro that makes sense, but when humans do that … it’s creepy. Cannibalism is something most people won’t even talk about. The list is literally as deep as you want to go. The same with offspring of different species, furries know this well and there are so many Hybrids, in fact too many to get into.

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In the Beginning…

These days many of us forget possible furry origins of this species or that. Barney Bear to today Bear fursonas…maybe a stretch but it is one of many possibilities.

The Furry Waves

I’m back, everyone, and today, I post my first samples! Today, we’re going to go back to the beginning.

Well, the beginning as far as I know anyway.

So, throughout all of my collection, the first example of furry diving that involves anything resembling diving gear of today that I am aware of involves a bear’s attempts to go ‘goggle fishing’, which was a very old-timey term for spearfishing.

Today, I will showcase Barney Bear’s Goggle Fishing Bear, released by MGM in January 1949. In this just over seven minute short cartoon, the titular character decides to try his paw at spearfishing with a massive trident and a garish swimsuit.

Of course, he is a miserable failure at said activity, only succeeding at making audiences everywhere laugh at his ineptitude.

Which, I suppose, was the point.

Bear-Wear will make a comeback someday.  Just you watch.

Throughout the cartoon, he has…

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