Good Furry Awards Nominees

The Good Furry Awards thanks those who have done the most for the furry community. The current batch of 21 nominees. Contains some who are worthy, while others I can’t understand why they are there unless they nominate themselves … but that is a personal opinion. The most notable names on the list:

Ash Coyote who simply makes these great documentaries on the fandom.

Furry Weekly is available through Furry Amino who highlights members of the fandom with full cooperation and is a non profit.

Hunter Fusky whose story is amazing, helps to put out wildfires among other things.

Kin / Zeek Kobold When they saw a pink dinosaur being attacked by an abuser at FC. Pulled them out of the car they were in and sat on them until the cops arrived.

Moms of Furries for their great work on YouTube if you don’t know who they are they are really worth checking out.

Simone Parker who is doing amazing work connecting Chinese furries to the rest of the world.

To see who else was nominated as well to vote CLICK HERE