Fetch Northwest Online Aug 22 / Fursonacon Aug 29 & 30

Fetch Northwest Aug 22nd 6pm-1am This will be an online DJ stream and can be found HERE

Fursonacon will be casting their event on Aug 29 & 30 on their Discord Channel

This online event is free of charge and open to all.  We’ll be hosting a Dealers Den, Artist Alley, Panels, Music from our DJ’s, a Fursuit Dance Competition, and more.  We’ll be taking donations all weekend to help out our charity, SecondChance Wildlife!  All of our standard rules will apply to this event.

More details and links to be a part of all the scheduled events can be found HERE

Defcon Furs Go Online Aug 15th

Yet another virtual fur con takes place on Aug 15, 2020 with DEfcon

More details can be found here

COVID-19 Report: Furry Blacklight

Furry Blacklight takes place in Paris, France usually from the end of October to early November.

Awoo Comic

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Let's be clear though, the real masterpiece that came out of this stream was "what if a centaur had a giraffe body instead"

Originally tweeted by AC Stuart 🆒️ (@NoobtheLoser) on 08/08/2020.