Furry Film Fest Deadline Oct 9th

The deadline to enter The Furry Film Fest for it’s 2nd year is approaching soon. This year’s theme is Magic and I really think it’s going to take some magic for some of these makers to pull off a good video this year…the virus being the biggest issue.

One can not help but notice that fur cons are more than just places to have fun. I would say roughly 97% of all furry videos are recorded at fur cons. I know the ones they had last year was beyond that all too common video which most of us enjoy. I say it will be interesting to see what happens this year.

Indy Fur Con Online By The Numbers

Is Furry Life Online Suffering Growth Issues?

Furry Life Online is sad to be the hottest furry site since FA in it’s early days minus the DDOS attacks. Furries on social media are raving about the site, and yours truly wanted to see what all the excitement was all about.

Except when you attempt to Login via Discord, AP, or even create an account you get the following.

That Registration is disabled.

How long will this go on for? Only time will tell, but apparently this has not affected the site for those who are currently using the service.

Slack Wyrm Comic

Slack Wyrm #659 – http://www.joshuawright.net
(If you don't know what cottagecore is, Google it. It's fascinating!)

Originally tweeted by Josh Wright (@joshhamwright) on 09/02/2020.