You Can Write that Book! Tips for Furry Writers.  by Van Hill Millvele

People will put down your dream about writing. a book, but you can do this.  Here are some tips that I hope can help you.

  1. Have a set word length each day if you are planning to write a novel. If you write just a thousand words a day five days a week, then in ten weeks you will have 50,000 word length novels written.  If you can manage 5,000 words a day six days a week, you can write a novel in a week and half.  First drafts are rarely good, and the real writing is revisions, and this can be much slower.  While some claim to write 25,000 words a day, this wouldn’t be good for your body or they used speech to text apps. 
  2. I have a stockpile of books I have written that I am now revising for publication.  During this time not writing new fiction; I wrote and published two books of poetry.  You can write poetry, a cookbook, a self-help book, draw a graphic novel, or compile a book of interviews. Writing doesn’t have to be just novels.   
  3. Avoid writing bunnies, foxes as promiscuous. It is overdone.
  4. Avoid beating yourself over criticism. You got this and can do this.
  5. Avoid writing pro abuse about cubs or children.
  6. Write a world building file which includes info on what your furries eat, basic issues about their planets, planet names, and character names. When you change the name of a character reflect this in the file, and what the old name used to be. This will help you remember your characters’ names or spelling. I had forgotten to place a planet’s name in the file and my daughter pointed it out that I named the planet the wrong name.  I had to go through my other novels to figure out where I went wrong.   
  7. You can learn about your characters by writing them more. After you finish your novel or collection of short stories. You can write the same story from another character’s point of view, or a short story based on a small character. 
  8. Have a set day not to write.  On Sundays I write a few notes to myself of what chapters I need to write, but having a set this day I can’t write makes for better writing. 
  9. After you finished your book, start writing another book, and when you are done with that book edit the first book. 
  10. If you are submitting to traditional publishers, you do not need to hire an editor, but you need to spell, read, and grammar check it. If you can’t be bothered to read your book, why would anyone else want to? Use grammar apps, many have free versions. You will also need to listen to it, so read it out loud or feed it into a text to speech app. I know use a paid grammar program which also finds overused words.

Van Hill Millvele 

Lives in the state of confusion with her family.

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