CSI – Fur and Loathing : A 2nd Look

Frankly with little going on, I haven been watching more and more of the streaming services and I thought it was time this self proclaimed “Mystery Snob” take a look at one of both the earliest look at furries on Prime Time TV, but also the one that a lot of furries HATE. The Dreaded CSI – Fur and Loathing episode.

Is it bad? YES, is the way they portray furries terrible? Hell yes.

CSI is both on Hulu and CBS All Access

Being a furry and having been to cons and see what a delight they are.

This Plushies and Furry – Convention or PAF – Con as they called it in that episode, doesn’t even come close to what we all know and love. For example and this was a major point in the episode. Would a vendor sell a photos of a fursuiting couple? Think about that for a second. Your already ahead of me when you said NO. The Vending area is in a corridor of the con… No way. The costumes, which there is no way I am going to call them fursuits, look as if they came from some costume company, a bad costume company. They were nothing short of terrible. I would even go so far as to say no fursuiter in 2003 would even wear such a thing. Let alone go around ‘Musky’, and rub civet oil into the fake fur. BTW it’s not an aphrodisiac as they claim in the episode it’s a sedative.

The USA does not allow civets to be imported, as the species can transmit the SARS virus.

Imagine not even bothering to check.

If this is an example of what CSI was… I won’t be watching any more episodes.

Although they did say the death of the 2 furries in this episode was just 1 dumb series of bad luck. I say what fursuiter in their right mind would actually vomit while still wearing the head? No one, and a hunter shooting them unsure what they are seeing. Even under Nevada law that is illegal and they could have their weapon taken away. Let alone get away with murder… this mystery snob says Manslaughter is what they be charged with.

The other murder in this episode was done in a freezer and involved a kidnapping / robbery/ murder. I haven’t seen anything this bad since I tried watching Banacek.

Also checking the trunk of the car of the 2nd furry last is something cops just don’t do.

Yes it’s bad, it is so bad it’s laughable.

You could also call this episode very corny, by today’s standards.

Hofbräuhaus in Rosemont closes

Having never been there myself, it’s hard to imagine what some furries are going through on top of this pandemic to hear that The Hofbräuhaus is closing. It seems for years that it has become a hangout for furries during MFF.

It will be hard to know if this new place “Crust” will be as welcoming to furries as the Hofbrauhaus, until MFF gets rolling again.

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