Words of Wisdom by The Dalai Lama

We need to learn to manage our emotions and achieve inner peace. Our education should include an understanding of how to achieve peace of mind. Education should teach us how to live properly, how to balance our wish for physical comfort with mental comfort.

FurryEST 2021 is Cancelled

Official Press Release

It is again with a very heavy heart that we have had to yet again conclude that due to the levels of Coronavirus infections throughout the world and the slow rollout of vaccines and the uncertainness of borders even opening by the time FurryEST begins, we are truly sad to not be able to host it this year as well as the last.

We truly hope that by the time 2022 rolls out, things throughout the world will have calmed properly down enough for us to bring back this lovely little con for all of you to properly enjoy and see all of your wonderful friends yet again in the beautiful wilderness of Estonia!