FurryEST (Estonia) To Return 2022

From FurryEST Telegram

FurryEST 2022 Announcement!

Hello all you fluffy critters! It’s been been a shaky few years filled with uncertainty but we are BACK! FurryEst will indeed be happening this year from 7th to 10th of July on the already familiar (but now slightly larger) river barge house complex! (Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/AFKTpXUG7dhkag8u7 )

Now, just to be safe you will require at least a full Covid vaccination (two shots, booster(s) not required) to be able to attend. You will also need to be at least 18 years old by the first day of the con.
There will be plenty to enjoy! Open space and countryside, water bikes, canoes, volleyball field, sauna, grilling and a whole river where one could kick back, relax and enjoy some Estonian mid-summer, away from the smoke and dust of the city! The barge complex consists of a multitude of barges, two of which also house a total of 50 bed spots. To roughly familiarize yourself with the venue, we can recommend flipping through the photos here: https://www.parvematkad.ee/en/pildigalerii-parvemajad/

The attendance costs 65 euros, which includes dinner, as well as some morning sandwich materials. For an extra 30 euros, you can also get a bed spot under the roof of one of the barges. Tenting or sleeping in a car will not require an extra charge. If you wish to support FurryEst further, then you can pay an extra 25 euros (or more) as a “sponsor” and get a corresponding lanyard- and con badge style, as well as priority in any queues.

Registration will open on 29th of April, 20:00 EEST at furryest.org (site yet to be updated with new information… coming soon ™)
We hope to see all you lovely fluffs there!

Dates: 7-10th of July
Place: https://goo.gl/maps/AFKTpXUG7dhkag8u7
Costs: 65 eur attendance, +30 eur for bed spot, (+25 eur if you wish to sponsor)
Registration Opens: 29th of April (Friday), 20.00 EEST
Extra requirements: Full (two doses) Covid vaccination. Be 18+ years old

FurryEST 2021 is Cancelled

Official Press Release

It is again with a very heavy heart that we have had to yet again conclude that due to the levels of Coronavirus infections throughout the world and the slow rollout of vaccines and the uncertainness of borders even opening by the time FurryEST begins, we are truly sad to not be able to host it this year as well as the last.

We truly hope that by the time 2022 rolls out, things throughout the world will have calmed properly down enough for us to bring back this lovely little con for all of you to properly enjoy and see all of your wonderful friends yet again in the beautiful wilderness of Estonia!