FurryRP Haven Under Attack

Furry RP Haven is a small furry forum where yours truly is the Social Media Guru by my official title. We always hear how sites like FA is always under attack. But we never hear about the small ones. Furry RP Haven is a good example. We are small, we have 986 members and few new posts. But yet Furry RP Haven has received a DDOS attack about once a year, sometimes twice. The site gets no ad revenue, and there is nothing important any hacker could steal besides email addresses. The site does not collect real names, or addresses, not even phone numbers. But yet the attacks continue.

Then Cethlenn our admin posted this to the site’s Facebook page today.

Fur Con News: FurMIT (Taiwan), FWA, FURAverance

FurMIT (Taiwan) recently Announced on Twitter

You have been waiting for a long time!

FurMIT2021 hotel project is scheduled to open at 20:00 on 4/25!

There will be an exclusive lucky draw and a special commemorative gift if you book a room through the project~
Stay tuned!

FWA recently announced that it was looking for video submissions on it's Telegram page


FURAverance (South Africa) announced their charity numbers