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Fur Con News: Camp Feral – Canada

Camp Feral cancels their 2021 gathering.

From their official site


Unfortunately we once again have to pass along the sad news that Feral has been cancelled. It was originally our hope that camp would return this year and there were a few moments early on where we were very optimistic that it might happen. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse in Ontario and while we’re quickly on our way to recovery, we do not believe that we will be in a situation where we can have full confidence in our ability to host camp in a safe manner in the time between now and when we would have to begin preparations.

Those of you that had your 2020 registration cancelled due to the pandemic were assured that you would be given priority when it came to registration in 2021. This has not changed and we still intend to provide you that same priority access in 2022 or whenever Feral is deemed safe enough to resume. Once we are ready to return to camp you will be contacted via the email address you used to register with instructions on how priority access will work.

We would like to thank our community for the support over the last two years. We’ve heard many stories from you regarding just how you missed Feral and how much you looked forward to returning to camp. Please know that it’s our desire to have you back at camp as soon as we’re able.

Currently we are in the process of planning an alternative event and will send more information along as it becomes available. We’re considering a smaller, outdoor only, birthday party celebration at one of the Toronto city parks in the Fall assuming the situation with COVID has improved enough for us to do so. Or maybe an online 1-day event on discord falling on the original weekend of camp. In order to determine what is best we’re asking you for some feedback. Please click on the link below to take a short survey to let us know what you may be interested in!

Until we see each other again, stay safe and stay healthy!

Feral 2021 Staff