Raya and The Last Dragon Review

I will admit I heard some not so good reviews on this film. But decided to watch it anyway and I was blown away. A story line just as deep as in The Last Airbender TV series, enough visuals that I swear it would take repeated viewing just to absorb it all. With an ending frankly I never saw coming.

Raya and The Last Dragon is worth watching you will find a great story, with enough of a mix that the film will draw you in, and your scared to take your eyes off the screen. Because you are scared you will miss something. I found when I had to get up I had to pause the film, just so I wouldn’t miss something. Which frankly was a lot, and I still am not sure when I wrote this, did I see hints at other Disney films.

In short this film is fantastic and I give it my highest recommendation easily a very solid 10.