Schools Can’t Control What Kids Say on Social Media

I know some might disagree with me about this. But I am saying allowing someone to vent about what bothers them at school is a good thing. I know a lot who grumble about work on social media, including myself. I find it better to rant about something, than take it out at work or in this case school.

I really wish I had this option when I was going to school. I could have ranted about how terrible my school was, who knows I could have gotten some of my teachers fired.

Fur Con News: CanFURance Sets Date, Furcationland is coming

Good News CanFURance has set a date for it’s next IN PERSON con

We are thrilled to announce that CanFURence 2021 is officially a GO for an IN-PERSON event: Friday Nov. 12th- Sunday Nov. 14th!

We’ve got more info below! But also keep your ears perked for more info & updates on Twitter, Telegram, & Facebook

So, hey, what’s goin on?!

We’ll be at the Delta Hotel in Downtown Ottawa, and this year’s event comes with a new theme: “The Furs are Back in Town”!
A rad 80s/90s theme that also represents our return to the convention scene!
As always, feel free to send questions to

Please keep in mind that some questions may not have an answer right now as we sort through the unknowns and keep track of the local and national regulations to ensure we can hold our even both safely and responsibly!

Furcationland is a brand new fur con which is to be held 1/13-1/17 2022. So far they have no site and are only available on both Telegram and Twitter.

They are looking for staff

The new Maine furry convention, Furcationland, is looking for more people to apply for con staff! Help us build a great con together! Apply here:

We will have to keep our eye on Furcationland and will give you updates when they are available.