Ali Disbands

Ali is a Japanese musical group that preforms that great song “Wild Side” which is used for the opening theme of the great animated series Beastars.

You might have noticed that there music videos are no longer available on YouTube. There is a bit of a story behind that.

from Anime News Network

Seven-member band Alien Liberty International (ALI) announced on its website on Saturday that the band is taking an indefinite hiatus following the arrest and indictment of the band’s drummer Kahadio (real name Kadio Shirai). The site also revealed that the band’s management has cancelled its contract with Kahadio, and as such he is no longer a member of the band.

But that isn’t all

Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Kahadio again later in April on a separate charge of fraud. According to the police, Kahadio and his friends called an elderly woman in Osaka on March 3, offering her a refund of her medical expenses in exchange for her transferring 2.31 million yen (about US$21,000) to a bank account. The police added that Kahadio was witnessed withdrawing about 420,000 yen (about US$4,000) at a convenience store ATM the next day.

From what I checked so far… the only Ali music to be found on YouTube currently is fan re-uploads.

Fur Con News: Megaplex

Megaplex is doing something very unique this weekend. Not only are they holding an In Person Con but also a Virtual One as well.

Essentially it’s most of the convention, meaning panels and some events you can find full details here at Hopin