Fox Does Furries Right

Through a newstip Thanks Val, I got one of the most delightful stories I have seen this entire year. It was presented by Fox61 out of Hartford, CT talking about Furries.

They featured 2 local furries

Recently Lopez was at Elizabeth Park with his partner, Jake Biehn. They are both “furries” and have been for about five years. They met through the furry community, which both say is now like a second family.

“The people I’ve met along the way, my partner, have grown into my family that I hold tight. They’re all so accepting,” Biehn explained.

They are sharing it with the world, and also doing good. At many of the furry conventions, the group raises money for charities like ALS research.

“We’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars,” Biehn said. “It’s absolutely incredible that our community has a sense of charity to it because everyone should have charity right?”

It is fantastic and best yet totally fair you can find the story along with a video HERE

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They say for 2023

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