Nomadicon Changes Reg Open

NomadiCon is now in May!

by razeth

Rescheduling sucks. Planning an entire event at a specific venue, announcing it, promoting it, and paying for marketing materials and advertisements is expensive, time-consuming, and overall just plain difficult.

It was so much fun that we just had to do it twice! (I’m joking, by the way)

NomadiCon is partnering with the Millennium Maxwell House in Nashville, coming to you Memorial Day Weekend – May 26th to 28th!

Now we didn’t just go and find some random new venue, slap down some new dates, and call it a day. We took this opportunity to address many of the concerns you guys had to continuously innovate on this fantastic experience that we wanted to bring to yall.

Rooms start at $159/night!

Which isn’t bad

LINK to Reg

NomadiCon Registration Open

NomadiCon January 6-8 2023 in Nashville TN

NomandiCon Registration Open

NomandiCon which takes place on Jan 6-8 2023

It is an 18+ Adult Fur Con, but what makes this post interesting is the membership levels

As in there are 9 of them instead of the usual 2 or 3 which include Lifetime Membership. Which itself is a gamble as none of know how long a con will last. I can advise anyone what to do as that isn’t my job. Which is to report on furry events.


NomandiCon Opens Dealer Sign-ups, ScotiaCon Opens Registration and Dealer Sign-ups

NomandiCon Opens Dealer Sign-ups LINK

ScotiaCon Registration and Dealers LINK

NomandiCon Pre Reg Opens and Very Special Guest


They say for 2023

We asked Alkali to join us on in 2023, and somehow he agreed. We hope to see you there too!

NomandiCon Reveals New Mascot, Furnexion Registration Opens

NomandiCon’s New Mascot

The work is by @MxxnKiddo

Furnexion (Mexico) Opens Registration

Hello everyone once again! Its been weeks and months of extremely hard times, the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is complicated, first of all we want to apologize for all the inconveniences we’ve caused, but… We’re ready to get back on track!