MFF News Dealers List, and Charity Announced

The reason I posted the layout of dealers, is that everyone one of those blue rectangles is a Dealer and there is about 218 of them. To list just 1 would be a total shame, I often find checking out the smaller dealers are the most interesting and I will be doing the same this year. Except there are 2 I will be keeping my eye on, as these 2 actually depend on this year’s MFF to survive.

One of which is Goal Publications, who is on the verge of going under. It’s either sell a lot or there will be 1 less furry publisher and a victory of sorts for Amazon. You are aware Amazon is the largest seller of furry material.

LINK to list

Mission Companion Paw is more than a rescue organization for pitbulls and other misunderstood dogs: it describes itself as going beyond rescue and adoption to “use the international language of art to imprint compassion for animals into urban youth culture.” 


Based in Chicago, MCP has rescued hundreds of dogs since 2016 and helps beyond the adoption process, supplying pet food donations to food pantries, and directing families to low cost spay and neuter services. 70% of MCP rescues are considered hard to adopt dogs such as pit bulls, seniors, special needs animals, and extreme medical cases.

According to MCP, “Every dog deserves to have their existence acknowledged, their personality shine and their heart breathe. MCP teamwork brings life, light and love to the ones that everyone may not be able to hear or understand.”

MFF attendees will get to meet MCP’s volunteers and even some potential adoptees at our Dealers’ Den and bid for donated items to benefit MCP during silent and live auctions over MFF weekend. 

Stay tuned to see how to donate through MFF, and please visit

I will agree with their mission statement pitbulls are a misunderstood breed.

In my life there were 3 pits that were special to me. First up was Bruno, a pet of my boss and would always climb in my lap. Next up was 8Ball a bit of a temper but a good dog and lastly.


They all were good dogs, and I dearly miss them as all of them have passed on. This is why pits are very special to me.