Don’t Hug Cacti Removed from MFF’s List of Dealers

When MFF posted it’s list of Dealers for their 2021 convention recently, some attention was brought to the fact Don’t Hug Cacti was on their list… at least at first. Until I noticed on Oct 20th they had been removed. It is not my place to speculate the reasons why, just to report the facts.

Bewhiskered 2nd GOH, Confuror Upcoming Virtual Con

Bewhiskered announces that their 2nd Guest of Honor will be Eddie Bear

Lions and Dragons and Bears oh my! It’s our second GOH Eddie Bear! He knows all there is about fursuiting, from performance to maintenance and will be teaching us a thing or two at Bewhiskered!

Which will take place Oct 29-31

Lets remember those who no longer walk with us. Collaborate in the virtual ofrenda by registering your deceased acquaintances within the fandom. LINK

They will also be doing a virtual Art Show

Join our virtual Art-show at Confuror Online 2021.

Promote your work by sending your best pieces and the link to your Art-show or portfolio. It will be exhibited in our virtual galleries inside our Minecraft and VRChat worlds. LINK