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‘Misunderstood’ | Penn State’s furry community speaks about its experiences

The Daily Collegian an independent news site supported by Penn State Students recently posted an article on Penn State Furries

Penn State is home to over 1,000 clubs and organizations — some are in the limelight more than others.

One group that remains rather hidden from others is the furry community: a fandom where members create an animal character for themselves.

They then go on and explain about furries and how they are misunderstood. Then go on to talk about

Jack is another member of Penn State’s own furry community. As a furry, Jack (junior-engineering) said he has heard incorrect assumptions about this community.

Who then tells about how they discovered the fandom, their fursona, and how it is like being a furry at Penn State.

The article is fantastic and well worth a read.

FURUM and Cozy Con Sets Dates for Next Virtual Con

Furs Upon Malaysia (Malaysia) to hold virtual event on Nov 18

The furcon is set to become Southeast Asia’s second furcon to hold virtual events. Their record will second to Little Island Furcon (Singapore), which holds on Nov 13.

Cozy Con