Article on Alt Right Furs

The full article can be found here This will not be a post saying who is right and who is wrong as that is not my place here. That is for you to decide, like did if the Alt Right did back down. There is a lot of hate out there and that recent verdict just proves it. A guy actually got away with shooting someone carrying a skateboard while walking away.

So what does that has to do with this…. HATE. Where at a time in history where members of Congress openly talk about gunning down other members they disagree. They also don’t realize that getting the military involved is more dangerous than they think. Just look up Military Dictatorships on Google and YouTube.

The only way any of this is going to go away is that we have to be vigilante. Report things to the cops that are illegal and frankly not supporting hate groups such as Fox News and Newsmax

Anthro Expo COVID Policy, Furality Totals

Full details can be found HERE


AnthroExpo 2022 will primarily require all attendees and staff to provide proof of full vaccination, with a second dose administered at least 2 weeks prior to the date of badge retrieval. This means that to pick up your badge Friday, January 21st, your 2nd dose must be administered no later than January 7th, 2022.

Proof of vaccination means a physically verifiable COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card administered by the CDC or a certified vaccination report from your Doctor’s office or place of vaccination.


Masking in all convention spaces will be mandatory. Masks must fit properly and be worn to cover both the mouth and nose. Disposable masks will be provided on-site while supplies last.

​Convention spaces are defined as any of our hotel’s panel or event rooms, the downstairs main events ballroom and the 2nd floor convention lobby area. Fursuiters must wear a mask under their fursuit heads while in suit and in headless lounge areas.  An upstairs and downstairs headless lounge area will be provided due to this rule to prevent heat exhaustion and fatigue.