Fur Con News: Furality Luna

Furality Luna Reports on their most recent Virtual Con

Currently raised $14,649 total for their Charity
250 sponsors
287 vouchers redeemed
Invites sent on VRChat is 116,798
3573 parties were created using the party system
Total number registered for the furcon is 6829

Fur Con News: Furgether,

Furgether Registration is open

Furgether Infochannel, [12.05.21 15:13]
This is not a test. I repeat, this is not a test: Registration for Furgether 2021 starts on 19 May at 7:05 pm. As an alternative the german version of the date and time: 19.05. 19:05.

Furality Online Xperience Registration is open

Fur Con News: Furality, Fur-Eh!

Fur-Eh! I must say is doing something so wonderful, I was delighted when I first heard about this Con Supported Christmas Party and best of all it will be an In Person Event.

More news on this event when it becomes available.

Next Furality Online Xperience Virtual Con Date Set

Furality Online Xperience Announcement

VC Wrap Up for 11/11/2020

Registration for #Furality 2000, the VR furry convention, is now open!

Annoucing Furality 2000 VR Fur Con Nov 6 – 8

Furality’s New Player Night

nterested in Furality 2000 but never used VRChat before?
Want to meet some new furs in a safe space?

Come join Furality’s first New Player Night this Friday, September 11th between 7-9PM PDT!

Join our Discord for more information: http://discord.gg/xRF7nNp