Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

If we make consistent effort, based on proper education, we can change the world. We are selfish, that’s natural, but we need to be wisely selfish, not foolishly selfish. We have to concern ourselves more with others’ well-being, that’s the way to be wisely selfish.

TupiCon (Russia) News, ACFI Guest of Honar Tiny Bunner

From TupiCon Telegram

No, this is not at all an official announcement, this is just the thoughts of stupid orgs.

We are increasingly being asked "When?", Mainly to plan vacations for the next year.

We are not yet ready to say the exact dates, because we do not yet have a lease agreement on hand.
But we are negotiating with the site for September 8-11, the reservation is preliminary.

❗️This is categorically not accurate, no need to refer to this post, we will deny everything!

The last, but not least, Guest of Honor for ACFI 2022 is Dr. Vir- wait…uh…we mean @TinyBunner! 🐰

Bunner is a talented artist that has done so much for ACFI! With her Bun-Tough attitude, wit and creativity, we are proud to honor our official convention artist as 2022’s GoH!